Fresh Local Thanksgiving Turkeys

  • Chris’ Farm Stand raises farm fresh turkeys naturally to give you the freshest turkey meat you will ever eat. We take pride in raising our animals to bring you the very best and most natural product to feed your family.
  • No Preservatives
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics

As fourth generation farmers in the Northeast Region of New England, since the 1920’s, we hand raise our premium turkeys with great care and TLC. All of the product is USDA approved and certified with our humane certified processing facility. Our turkeys have received 1st prize at Topsfield Fair, for many years.

Once you place your turkey order you will receive a confirmation email within a couple days. The week before Thanksgiving you will receive another email advising you of your pickup date and times , we recommend you bring a cooler with ice to put your bird into. Unfortunately the birds eat well right up to the day they go to our certified processor so We won’t know the total weight of your bird until you come to pickup.

We are recommending you freeze the leftovers into individual portions with a dollop of gravy in a ziplock baggie and in February when your not turkied out anymore throw it in the microwave with some boiled rice and enjoy Thanksgiving all over again !

We accept only cash and checks at this time. No credit or debit cards! Prices and availability are subject to change without notice

We take great pride in raising our turkeys naturally to give your family the healthiest way most flavorful meat for your Thanksgiving dinner.

There is a deposit of $25 required to place an order for turkey, balance due upon pickup in cash or check only no credit or debit cards. When choosing a weight, we will attempt to reach your chosen Turkey’s target weight. however we have no control on how much the Turkey will eat.